Marselan Selection: ‘China’s grape’ gets a major contest


Belgium-based Concours Mondial, which runs some of the most influential wine and spirits competitions, is partnering with the Huailai region just beyond Beijing for an event focused on Marselan, which some call “China’s grape” due to the tasty wines it is producing across the nation two decades after being introduced. The announcement of Marselan Selection was made on April 2 in Chengdu ahead of Tang Jiu Hui, China’s biggest and most important alcohol trade fair.

Marselan Selection is slated for September 9 to 11 in Huailai, which the promoters spell Hwailai, and is the most recent niche Concours Mondial contest, with others focused on topics such as sake, rose and Mexican wine. Marselan is now made in more than two dozen countries.

Concours Mondial’s flagship wine contest was also slated to be held in China this year, in May in the Ningxia region, but was postponed due to COVID-19 concerns.

The Chengdu launch party included speeches from Concours Mondial and China / Huailai wine reps, a tasting of over 20 wines and a delicious Sichuan-inspired tea break. It also featured a birthday cake to celebrate 20 years of Marselan in China–the first vines were planted a joint project between the governments of China and France. It is now privately owned and known as Domaine Franco-Chinois.

I’m still in catch up / recovery mode from a week spent in Chengdu for Tang Jiu Hui but will be posting more about Marselan and other wine adventures there.

(Note: The Marselan Selection Chengdu event organizers covered my expenses to attend and speak about my World Marselan Day project, but I am not involved in the contest beyond that.)

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